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User's Tab shows now active / inactive and offline users

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (17. September 2015)

Stats4U is getting better and better.
You can now see live, who is actualy viewing your page or who has only opened your page in a background-tab in the browser. That means you...

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First Windows 10 Users coming in!

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (29. July 2015)

We are excited to announce that you can now see the new Windows 10 Users in real time in our stats. Microsoft launched Windows 10 on the 29th July 2015 and we are ready to collect ...

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7 Steps to Implement Stats4U into the Google Tag Manager

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (27. July 2015)

When you have a Google Tag Manager Container embedded on your website, this article is for you!

This article show...

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Flag Counter Wizard

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (04. July 2015)

Under you can find our new Flag Counter wizard system. You can now choose between cubic, ho...

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New Flag Counters and site speed stats

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (26. April 2013) is expanding its features with brand new stylish flag counters for your websites! You can place them on all your websites to show from where your visitors come from. Be...

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New iOS and Android Version charts and ToS change

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (13. September 2012)

Your personal statistics for your website can show you which iOS and Android versions are in use! Get more information about your mobile visitors with Stats4U!
We have also modi...

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New OSs, Browsers and stats

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (01. September 2012)

We now support Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 in our statistics, ready for you to check out how many users use the newest technologies. Beside this, we have a new category in t...

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Firefox Versions

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (29. August 2012)

Since there are many Firefox Versions coming we have a new Chart in the "LIVE Statistics" > "Browsers" section. You can check how many people use each Firefox version on your websi...

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New live stats!

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (25. August 2012)

The fields "Today, Yesterday, Average: New visitors, Tod. Bounce, Forecast, Total, Bounce rate, Visit time, Sites/Visits and Toplist Rank" are now live reloading! See in real time ...

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Stats4U World Maps and improvements

Autor: Tomasz Błyszczyński (26. June 2012)

Stats4U officialy launches new Onmouseover World Maps for your statistic pages! Check out where your visitors come from on country and region level! We offer now regional maps of t...

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