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Preguntas y Respuestas Preguntas y Respuestas
Stats4U Where can i sign up?
Stats4U How much accounts can i use?
Stats4U How do i put a counter on my website?
Go on our main page and pick a Counter design. Just click on the HTML Code, press CTRL + C. Then paste the Code into the right place on your website with CTRL + V. Save your site and load up your website on your server.
Stats4U I want only the stats! Without the counter, is that possible?
Stats4U I can't see the stats!
Stats4U Why aren't there any records in my mouse player?
Stats4U I lost my HTML code but still have my counter ID and password!
Stats4U I have an ID but lost my password!
Stats4U Where can i log into my account?
Stats4U Why does a Stats4U Bot visit my site?
Stats4U I found an error! / I have a suggestion!
Stats4U Is Stats4U 100% free?

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