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The whole website is protected by a secure 128Bit SSL connection. It does not matter if you send us your password, view your statistics or read this feature list, nobody will be able to decode your transactions!

Wizard - Compose yourself Wizard - Compose yourself
Do you need freedom? Just create your own Counter design - with our Wizard! Textcolor, Font, Background picture - you decide! You can even choose different elements for your counter.Counter ID

Extensive statistics Extensive statistics
Counter IDCheck out our LIVE statistics and see how the visitor count rises! Nearly all statistics provided on Stats4U reload themself, that means they are live! Just click on LIVE in the upper menu. We store your visitorcount for every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year! For free.

Stats4U locates your visitors and finds out their country and even city!Counter ID

Counter IDFind out which resolution is the most used on your website. Optimize your website according to the data that you get by using Stats4U!

Counter IDWhich operating systems are the most common on the internet? Do your visitors have the newest operating systems or arent they so up to date? Do you have mobile visitors? Check it out!

Which Browser gets the most attention from your users? Optimize your website for the majority!Counter ID

Compare which plugins are used.Counter ID

Where do your users come from?
Which keywords do they use?
Which search engine leads the most users to your website?
Put a Stats4U Counter on your website to analyze your situation!
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Mouse Player Mouse Player
With a Stats4U Counter on your website, you can track how your visitors use your website. See exactly how they interact with the functions on your site. What is used? What is ignored by the users? Try it out for yourself!Counter ID

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