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Warunki Uzytkowania

Warunki Warunki

Last changed: 1. 10. 2012

To jest tylko tłumaczenie dla ułatwienia, wersja oficjalna i ważna jest pod adresem:

1: Preamble
1.1: Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website,you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Stats4U's relationship with you in relation to this website.If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, you are not granted to use our website. In the following contract (later referred to as "contract") the owner (later referred to as "service operator", "Tomasz Błyszcyński") of this website (later referred to as "", "Stats4U", "Website") states conditions and permissions to you (later referred to as "user" / "users" / "you" / "his" / "her"), specifies a non-liability and explains the usage of data collected by Stats4U.
1.2: This website enables the user to put a visitor-counter on his/her Webpage.
1.3: By visiting the mainpage, the site generates a unique identification number (later referred to as "S4UID") for you. This S4UID is integrated into the HTML-Codes (later referred to as "HTML-Code", "HTML-Codes") on the mainpage of that you can use to implent a Stats4U counter on your web page.

2: This is a contract between you and the service operator.

2.1: By visiting Stats4U and inserting the HTML-Code (that can be found on the main page of on any web page, a contract between you and the service operator arises. This contract holds infinite until the service operator or the user cancels it.
2.2: The contract mentoined in 2 is located on "".
2.3: This contract restricts the liability of the service operator. We refer at this point to 4.
2.4: This contract explains the usage of data that is submitted to Stats4U by the user and his clients. We refer at this point to 6.

3: Usage of
You are responsible for all actions you make on This includes using the website, posting comments and loading content.
3.2: You arn't granted to use for any other purposes than for private.
3.3: You arn't granted to copy or publish content that you found on You need a written permission. We refer to 5 at this point.
3.4: You insure that you dont cause damage in form of spam, illegal statements and content or do other immoral actions on
3.5: You ensure that you wont load any right breaking content through Stats4U on your hard drive and not to publish right breaking content through Stats4U.
3.6: When the service operator discovers that your website produces extreme bandwidth or that you abuse the service or make traffic- spam attacks, your S4UID will be disabled.
3.7: You insure that you wont change the provided HTML-Code with your personal S4UID in any aspect.
3.8: You insure that you wont change the provided HTML-Code with your personal S4UID at any other time.
3.9: Deviating from 3.7, 3.8, you are allowed to delete the Hyperlink to your personal statistics and insert / change breaks in the code.
You can find the hyperlink to your personal stats page on the end of your HTML-Code. The code looks like this (replace %S4UID% with your S4UID): <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" style="vertical-align:bottom" alt="Statistics"></a>

4: Restriction of the liability of the service operator
4.1: Because is completely for free, you cant take any compensations for eventual damage, random damage, following damage or damage because of escaped profit. The service operator cant take the responsibility for the content of linked pages.
4.2: THE SERVICE OPERATOR CANT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY for the functionality, usability, accesibility, any kind of damage of users or something else and dissociate himself from all damage which can be caused by
4.3: You have to write an information about Stats4U on the website (where your Stats4U Counter is) which informs your clients that Stats4U collects data about all clients, sets cookies to indentify your clients and records mouse movements of your clients. You can copy the example text located on "".
4.4: The User accepts that Stats4U will save the Website of the User ("Cached website"). The User can decide if the Cached website can be displayed to all Users on the Internet or only to the User.

5: Copyright
5.1: The copyright for and the content on the website is owned by the service operator ("Lukas Wojcik").
5.2: Possibly shown pictures, mentioned marks and shown brand names are subject to the copyright of their respective owners.
5.2.1: Images ("Icons") in the menus, beside headlines and in the statistics are subject to the copryight of their respective owners.The service operator is granted to use these images because of purchase of licenses on "".
5.3: Copying requires written permission. Copyright Tomasz Błyszcyński 2006-2017. All rights reserved.
5.4: All data uploaded by users and printed on (for example on the statistic pages under "") is copyrighted by the respective owner. The service operator has no influence on user specific data and can not be held responsible for any damage made by a user. If the user takes use of registered label names, the user makes himself/herself eventually punishable.
5.5: All contents and contributions of users are copyrighted and owned by the respective users.
5.6: Deviating from 5.3, you are allowed to copy the generated HTML-Code with your S4UID on the mainpage of from all 5 the user can copy the sample notices about privacy handling of Stats4U on his / her web page without charge but only if the user takes use of the Counterservice of Stats4U.
5.7: You are not allowed to copy or publish any pictures / flash objects which are generated in real-time on For example: statistic and diagram pictures / flash objectes.
You are not allowed to copy any program code from (in exception of your HTML-Code with your S4UID on the mainpage and the "jQuery" Environment and the "jQuery Plugins").

6: Privacy policy
6.1: sets so called Cookies on the computer of the user every time the user visits They are used to store sign-in-data and to recognize the visitor after each visit in our system.
6.2: The website Stats4U uses the following cookies in detail:
» enginelng: Saves the current site language for (Durantion: 1 year)
» s4usid: Stores the key which authenticates you on Stats4U. You can not sign in on Stats4U without this cookie. (Dauer: Sitzung)
» s4uref: Saves the S4UID from the user which referred you to (Duration: 31 days)
» s4uli: Indicates wether you're logged into or not. (Duration: 31 days)
6.3: By inserting your personal HTML-Code into your webpage Stats4U sends Cookies to all your clients. The cookies in detail:
» c1x84460: Mostly set to "1" - checks wether cookies are enabled or not. (Duration: Session)
» s4umtid2: Visitor number for the Stats4U mouse move recording. (Duration: 1 year)
» sttemp: MD5 checksum for the current session to identify the user if there were previous connections. (Duration: 1 year)
6.4: You are responsible for informing your visitors about the privacy situation according to 15 Abs. 3 Telemediengesetz. You can use a example text located here: "" for free.
6.5: On "" you will find a description about how Stats4U uses the data of all users. By using this service you agree to the additional privacy terms on (auf "").
6.6: Stats4U anonymizes the IP-addresses of all users automatically after the user disconnects from our servers. During the connection Stats4U resolves the location of all users to find out the country and if possible the city of the users. This applies to the Stats4U Counter.
6.7: The user decides him/herself if his/her statistics (located under: "") are public or private.
6.7.1: The user can define different areas like the ("MousePlayer", "Reports", "Users") as private or public.
6.8: The service operator ensures not to sell or give away any data to third parties and not to use the data for marketing purposes.
6.9: The user allows his site to be listed on Stats4U by inserting the personal HTML-Code into his/her website.

7: Changes of the contract
7.1: The contract can change without notice. You are responsible for downloading the current version of this contract when using our service. You can check our blog under "" for news or visit this page to check if the "last changed" date has changed.
7.2: If you want to quit this contract you arn't allowed to use anymore and you MUST remove your personal HTML-Code from all your web sites!
7.3: The service operator is granted to cancel your registration on Stats4U at any time. He is allowed to exclude you for some time. If the service operator cancels the contract, you aren't allowed to use any services from
7.4, 7.5: If this contract gets quited all data remain in our database, but without public access to it. In other words, the S4UID gets inaccessable.

8: Final clauses
8.1: By using this website you agree to this contract and you agree that all mutualnesses will be operated in Austria, Vienna.
8.2: Should one o

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